Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bringin' it All Back Home

Naturally, your first question is, 'why?' I could give you a whole host of answers of course, none which would be entirely correct.  Peak oil, peak soil, global warming, that good 'ol american DIY spirit; take your pick.  All important, but to be honest, we're cheap.  Having just bought our first house, baby on the way, money was tight and, well, have you seen the price of organic eggs? Seriously...  So as so often happens, chickens came calling, that gateway drug of all things self sufficient; and head's full of Michael Pollan and Novella Carpenter, we took the plunge.  And I tell you folks, theres no going back.


  1. We love our fresh eggs, this year we have a red hen that lays 3 inch long triple yolk eggs. The best tasting and a short trip to get them. All this from table scraps.

  2. It's immensely satisfying isn't it? Simple foods suddenly take on such huge importance. And wow, triple yolks? I'd be making Hollandaise sauce every night if I were you.